Taiko Japanese Drumming Classes at TIA

It is our extreme pleasure to announce that we will have the amazing Japanese drumming group Fushicho Daiko Dojo at The Inspiration Academy to teach our students the art of Taiko (Japanese Drumming). A series of classes for students of The Inspiration Academy begins this Friday.

Taiko Drumming is known as “the heartbeat of Japan”. An ancient art form that evolved from a single sacred beat to the spectacular ensemble performances we see today, Taiko is a powerful part of Japanese culture. Fushicho Daiko strives to share the art form of Japanese Taiko drumming with the people of Phoenix, Arizona, the US southwest and the world. The concepts of teamwork, cooperation, community, cultural awareness and acceptance, and musical and artistic excellence are developed through education and performance opportunities.
Main Website: fushichodaiko.com

Lisa Ristuccia

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