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There are two main scholarships for private schools in Arizona: STOs and ESA. Both are explained below.
Note: A child cannot receive funding from both the ESA and STOs in the same school year. We can help you decide which scholarship would be the best fit for your family, and our team can help walk you through the process of applying.

School Tuition Organizations (STOs)

Make sure you designate “The Inspiration Academy” as the recommended school when making a tax-credit donation.

How STOs Work

The Inspiration Academy is excited to partner with multiple School Tuition Organizations (STOs) which help families pay for private school tuition.

All students are eligible for the Original Tax-Credit Scholarship, but they might also qualify for other categories for additional funds. The categories are described below.

School Tuition Organizations (STOs) receive tax credit donations from individuals and corporations to support scholarships for eligible students to cover private school tuition costs. There are four different programs under which STOs can award scholarships. A student may combine scholarships from the four different programs. The programs are briefly explained below.

The Original and Switcher/Overflow Tax Credit Scholarships are funded by donations from individual taxpayers. Any full-time student attending a qualified school is eligible for a scholarship under the Original program, while only students entering kindergarten or transferring from an Arizona public school are initially eligible for a Switcher/Overflow scholarship. The amount of these scholarships is not limited by the State and can cover the full tuition if enough donations are made.

The Low-Income Corporate Scholarship is funded by donations from corporations. A student may be eligible for a Low-Income Corporate scholarship if family income is less than 342.25% of the poverty level (e.g., $102,675 for a household of 4 in 2023-2024) and the student is transferring from an Arizona public or charter school. The maximum amount of a Low-Income Corporate scholarship per STO in 2022-2023 was $6,100 for a K-8 student and $7,900 for a high school student. A student may receive low-income scholarships from more than one STO.

The Disabled/Displaced Scholarship is also funded by donations from corporations. In order to be eligible for a disabled/displaced scholarship, the student must have been identified as having a disability in an IEP, MET report, or 504 plan from an Arizona public school or must have been in Arizona’s foster care system. The maximum amount a student may receive in disabled/displaced scholarships is dependent on the student’s disability.

Our STO Partners

AOA is on a mission to improve the educational choices for children living with disabilities and low-income hardships in Arizona.

Work with members in your community and make a difference!

Send your students to the school you have always dreamed of!

Parents should have a choice when it comes to the education of their children!

The Institute for Better Education (IBE) is committed to removing any financial obstacles that stand in a family’s way of providing K-12 education for their children and their unique needs.

Awarding opportunities TODAY
for TOMORROW’S leaders


Take the dollar-for-dollar tax credit and make a difference. When we invest in our young leaders, we are investing in the growth of our society.

TOPS for Kids purpose is to assist children in receiving an Arizona tuition scholarship to attend the private school of their choice.

Do you know where your tax dollars are going? When you donate to AESOP, you can be sure your contribution helps kids achieve a great education, and you receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits.

We can help fund your child’s education!

Our mission is to ensure that every child with special needs has the choice of a private school education.

Empowerment Scholarship Account

The Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is funded by the State of Arizona to help parents of a child with a disability pay for private school tuition. The ESA program has expanded to include all students regardless if they have a disability or not. Parents have the right to choose what’s best for their family and have their education tax dollars pay for the school that meets their child’s needs.

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