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Personal Finance Module

The Personal Finance Module teaches students real-life skills to budget and make wise spending, saving, and credit decisions. It includes goal-setting and personal strategic planning.

Students at The Inspiration Academy are in the midst of a journey that will help shape their future and discover their desired career. Amongst the many skills and knowledge they will acquire at TIA, one of the most important is personal finance. Learning the basics of how to manage their money wisely, how to write a check, balance a bank account, and develop a budget are essential life skills. Not only will this knowledge benefit their personal life, but it will also set them up for professional success.

Having financial stability and independence leads to more opportunities for growth and an improved quality of life.

The Inspiration Academy encourages students to take advantage of every opportunity to learn a multitude of life skills. We want our students to dream big, aim high, and know that their financial future is in their hands.

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