Academy News February 2024

TIA Garden Project (February Update)

The Inspiration Academy’s Garden Project has recently “sprung” back to life now that the weather is getting warmer. As the temperatures rise, our students are reigniting their passion for gardening and the outdoors. Our garden project, which encourages students to learn about nature, sustainability, and healthy eating, had been paused during the colder months. However, with the onset of warmer weather, the gardening tools are out, and students are ready to start planting and tending to the garden again. The anticipation is high as everyone eagerly waits to see the “fruits” of their labor in the form of blooming flowers and thriving vegetables.

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TIA Mardi Gras Celebration 2024

We extend our deepest gratitude to Ms. Brittni for her exceptional work in organizing The Inspiration Academy’s Mardi Gras celebration. Her meticulous planning and execution of every detail ensured the success of this event. Not only did she put together an impressive celebration, but she also took the time to educate our students about the rich history and cultural significance of Mardi Gras. Her enthusiasm and commitment to this task were evident in her work, and our students were both educated and entertained in the process.

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Horseshoe Dam Waterfall

Billy took our high school students off-road to go see the fantastic waterfall out at Horseshoe Dam. Our students had a great time exploring the falls and enjoyed swimming in the cold river below. The Horseshoe Dam is just 25 miles outside the beautiful town of Cave Creek. There is an 8 mile off-road portion of this trip to reach the dam. The dam is 1,500 feet long and 144 feet high. This dam is unique because there is a walking path that allows you to get behind the water flowing over the dam. You can get very close to the water below the dam, which cascades down into a beautiful multi-teared waterfall flowing over large rocks. The views are stunningly beautiful when there is a release of water. Just below Horseshoe Dam is some of Arizona’s best fishing. Popular spots include Catfish Point and Mesquite Cove. Not all education happens in a classroom. Onwards to our next adventure together!

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