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Cultural Studies Module

Our Cultural Studies Module is an immersive educational program that primarily aims to recognize and appreciate the plethora of diverse cultures that exist across the globe. This comprehensive module covers a wide spectrum of cultural elements, including but not limited to, the geographical locations and their significance, the rich and varied languages spoken, the unique customs followed, and the distinct forms of art and music prevalent in each culture. It provides an in-depth exploration of these aspects, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among students. Furthermore, the module incorporates interactive elements such as hosting exchange students from various countries around the world, providing a firsthand exposure to different cultures. In addition, it also includes an engaging pen pal program, enabling students to establish cross-cultural connections and broaden their global perspective, thereby enriching their overall learning experience.

Matsiko World Orphan Choir performing at The Inspiration Academy. A number of the choir members were hosted by TIA families during their stay in Arizona.
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