Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of The Inspiration Academy’s well-balanced program. The multisensory field experiences create excitement and enthusiasm as they bring one-dimensional learning to life and enhance the academic curriculum. Field trips provide inspiring shared learning experiences where students create a sense of community and work on their communication, collaboration, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Through field trips and field experiences, students develop empathy, enhance their cultural understanding, and increase their tolerance for differences and their ability to see the world through multiple viewpoints. During field trips, students can develop a deeper understanding of concepts and make academic connections to the real world as they work with experts and solidify and expand their learning in meaningful ways.

Field trips get the students out into the community and into the world where they can participate in citizen science, service-learning, and volunteerism. With the opportunities and connections that field trips provide, students can build their independence, research different career options, enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and learn how they can make a difference in the world.

Field Trip News

Horseshoe Dam Waterfall

Billy took our high school students off-road to go see the fantastic waterfall out at Horseshoe Dam. Our students had a great time exploring the falls and enjoyed swimming in the cold river below. The Horseshoe Dam is just 25 miles outside the beautiful town of Cave Creek. There is an 8 mile off-road portion of this trip to reach the dam. The dam is 1,500 feet long and 144 feet high. This dam is unique because there is a walking path that allows you to get behind the water flowing over the dam. You can get very close to the water below the dam, which cascades down into a beautiful multi-teared waterfall flowing over large rocks. The views are stunningly beautiful when there is a release of water. Just below Horseshoe Dam is some of Arizona’s best fishing. Popular spots include Catfish Point and Mesquite Cove. Not all education happens in a classroom. Onwards to our next adventure together!

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Spartan Kids Race AZ 2024

One of the main organizers for Spartan Race has reached out to me to see if students, staff, and parents from The Inspiration Academy would be interested in doing a Spartan Race together. If so, they would offer us a 30% discount on tickets! The race would be on Feb 17th and 18th. Here is a link:
There are various distances to race to pick from and time slots to choose from.
Contact Billy Risticcia for our TIA discount code, that gets us 30% off.

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Catch A Trout Trip Report

TIA students and parents enjoyed fishing and cooking together on the beautiful grounds of Catch-A-Trout in Payson. It was a nice day together exploring the fish hatchery and learning more about the various trout and other fish that are native to Arizona. Picking and eating wild blackberries and wild grapes was a favorite activity. Afterwards, TIA students and their parents enjoyed a hike along a secluded creek that leads to a lesser-known swimming hole and falls.

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