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The Inspiration Academy is committed to ensuring that all students have access to our Education Plans, regardless of financial means. Families should not let the tuition amount deter them from applying. TIA’s staff will work with families to arrange a flexible payment plan that fits their budget. We will walk parents through the process of applying for tuition scholarships.

Tuition may be paid by ESA funds, STO scholarships, or through one of our flexible payment plans.

Monthly Enrollment Fee
$150.00 per month per student.

There is a monthly recurring fee you must pay per student you have enrolled at The Inspiration Academy. This is non-refundable and does not include the funding that you must apply for via any ESA funds or STO scholarships to cover the cost of your student’s tuition. If your child leaves TIA, this fee would then be canceled upon their unenrollment.

About Scholarships

There are two main scholarships for private schools in Arizona: ESA and STOs.
Note: A child cannot receive funding from both the ESA and STOs in the same school year. We can help you decide which scholarship would be the best fit for your family.

In-Person and Envision Plan Tuition

This K-12 plan is parent-led and teacher-supported. Students and their parent educators will have access to select from the various resources The Inspiration Academy has to offer.

Homeschool Integration Plan Tuition

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