Yui Our Japanese Exchange Student

A nice article about Yui, our exchange student from Japan, has hit our town’s newspaper. It was great to host Yui in our home and in our family. He enjoyed attending The Inspiration Academy here in Fountain Hills. We plan to connect his classroom in Japan into ours here in town so the students can further interact with each other across borders. Yui had the most wicked serve in Ping Pong! He has won championship tournaments in Japan. Yui will be missed but we plan to visit him and his family in Japan.

The Inspiration Academy Community Modules are a series of learning programs where students get hand-on interactive learning with various local industry professionals. During our Community Module experiences, students are connected to local professionals who share their expertise and passions to enhance our curriculum and teach the students about health, nutrition, gardening, culinary arts, character development, economics, environmental education, performing arts, and more. Through our school’s personalized, holistic approach, students experience transformational learning where they are inspired and empowered to think critically, believe in their abilities, and make a positive difference in the world.

Students learning "Clowning" as part of our Performing Arts Module.
Yui further studying English with students of TIA.
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Lisa Ristuccia

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