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What is The Inspiration Academy?

The Inspiration Academy is an innovative K-12 private school in Fountain Hills, Arizona where students are always celebrated for the unique individuals they are. Academic subjects are taught through interdisciplinary thematic units, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects. Creativity, curiosity, and outside-the-box thinking are encouraged, and self-confidence is built as the students engage and persevere through challenging problem-based projects.

Academic Programs

The Inspiration Academy’s academic program provides a broad and balanced approach to the curriculum where students develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.

  • The core subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies are taught through thematic units, projects, and engaging activities.
  • TIA’s Community Modules bring in real-world learning with experts in various professions.
  • Field Trips allow for exciting multi-sensory educational opportunities that provide memorable shared experiences for the students.

The Inspiration Academy’s well-rounded education programs helps students develop their unique skills and abilities as they discover and pursue passions. The rigorous curriculum challenges students to push beyond their comfort zone, make multisensory observations, think critically, and bring their creativity into all aspects of learning.

The Pillars of TIA’s Education Program

  • Project-Based & Experiential Learning
  • Hands-On
  • STEM Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Thematic Units
  • 4-H Leadership
  • Community Involvement
  • Service Learning
  • Field Trips

Inspiration vs Motivation

So how does inspiration differ from motivation?

Motivation is a push factor, it’s an outside force that is compelling you to take action, even if you don’t necessarily want to.

Inspiration, on the other hand, is more of a pull or driving force. It’s something that comes from within that gets us to proactively give our best effort. When someone is inspired, they’re with you for the long haul.

Community Modules

Community Modules

The Inspiration Academy Community Modules are a series of learning programs where students get hand-on interactive learning with various local industry professionals.

Community-based learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community engagement with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience with a greater emphasis on reciprocal learning and reflection.

Music Lessons

With the aid of our in-school music lessons, The Inspiration Academy hopes to encourage, and support the development of our young musicians so they can realize their full artistic potential.

TIA students have guitar and ukulele lessons once a week. Students learn how to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele. TIA Rocks!

TIA students have the unique opportunity to learn the traditional Japanese art of Taiko drumming with the founder of the oldest Taiko school in Arizona: Fushicho Daiko Dojo.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of The Inspiration Academy’s well-balanced program. The multisensory field experiences create excitement and enthusiasm as they bring one-dimensional learning to life and enhance the academic curriculum. Field trips provide inspiring shared learning experiences where students create a sense of community and work on their communication, collaboration, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Through field trips and field experiences, students develop empathy, enhance their cultural understanding, and increase their tolerance for differences and their ability to see the world through multiple viewpoints. During field trips, students can develop a deeper understanding of concepts and make academic connections to the real world as they work with experts and solidify and expand their learning in meaningful ways.

Field trips get the students out into the community and into the world where they can participate in citizen science, service-learning, and volunteerism. With the opportunities and connections that field trips provide, students can build their independence, research different career options, enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and learn how they can make a difference in the world.

TIA Year 1 That’s a Wrap!

Well That’s a Wrap! My wife Lisa and I here at The Inspiration Academy want to thank all our staff, teachers, families, and their children for making this school year a great year of firsts together. We will miss you all over the summer break. We also want to give a special thanks to the Fountain Hills Fire Department for coming out today for our Field Day and supplying us with water for our epic water battle. Today was a “blast”… a Super Soaker Blast!

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TIA Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual celebration that takes place this week in May to recognize the dedication and hard work of teachers across the world. This week-long event provides an opportunity for students, parents, and administrators to acknowledge the efforts of educators and show gratitude for their contributions to the academic community. This week serves as a reminder of the tireless efforts of teachers to educate students and make a difference in their lives. It gives us a chance to thank them for their commitment to providing quality education and supporting their students to strive for success. As the administrator of The Inspiration Academy, I encourage everyone to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week by sending a note of gratitude, providing them with a small token of appreciation, or simply saying thank you for all their hard work.

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Introducing The Inspiration Academy

The Inspiration Academy is an innovative K-12 private school in Fountain Hills, Arizona where students are always celebrated for the unique individuals they are. Academic subjects are taught through interdisciplinary thematic units, hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and various community modules. Creativity, curiosity, and outside-the-box thinking are encouraged, and self-confidence is built as the students engage and persevere through challenging problem-based projects.

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River of Time Museum Video Shoot

Sneak peek behind the scenes of an upcoming video showcasing the River of Time Museum and our students from The Inspiration Academy . Thanks for including us. We all look forward to seeing the final video produced.

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TIA Was a Santa to a Senior

Students and parents from The Inspiration Academy participated in Home Instead’s Christmas program called “Be a Santa to a Senior”. Hundreds of presents were hand delivered to many seniors’ homes here in Fountain Hills to help them feel the holiday spirit.

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Matsiko at The Inspiration Academy

The Inspiration Academy was proud to be able to host once again members from the Matsiko Childrens Choir at our school. Matsiko performed twice for us. Once for our students in the morning and then again for all the parents and general public in the afternoon. Their high energy is so infectious!

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Happy Holidays!

May the peace and joy of the coming holidays be with you all! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Inspiration Academy. TIA students, staff, and parents will be marching in the Thanksgiving Day Parade together. Please come on down and join us in the celebration.

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TIA Thanksgiving Feast 2022

Lisa and I would like to give thanks to all of our students and their parents for making this Thanksgiving celebration together a beautiful day. Thanks for all the wonderful food. We appreciate how everyone came together to help clean up after the meal. We would also like to give thanks to our teachers; Ms

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TIA November Update

This November our students have been involved in many learning activities already. We would like to thank our numerous guest speakers for coming into our school to share their expertise with our students. We deeply value your continued support for our Community Module program.

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TIA Halloween Party 2022

Tomb whom it may concern, we ghouls here at The Inspiration Academy wish all our students have a Fang-tastic, and Spook-tacular Halloween. We are Witching all our students a night full of frights and a bag full of delights. Have a TERROR-ific Halloween!

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Spaghetti Fundraiser Huge Success!

The Inspiration Academy’s Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner at SIPPS to benefit our upcoming student leadership field trip to Baltimore, Gettysburg, and Washington, D.C. was a huge success. The money raised will go to help pay for the students’ airfare, transportation, and lodging.

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Catch A Trout Trip Report

TIA students and parents enjoyed fishing and cooking together on the beautiful grounds of Catch-A-Trout in Payson. It was a nice day together exploring the fish hatchery and learning more about the various trout and other fish that are native to Arizona. Picking and eating wild blackberries and wild grapes was a favorite activity. Afterwards, TIA students and their parents enjoyed a hike along a secluded creek that leads to a lesser-known swimming hole and falls.

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Catch A Trout Field Trip

TIA Families, please join us for a “family picnic” field trip to Payson on Friday, September 16th. We will depart from the parking lot of Shepherd of the Hills at 8:30 am and carpool via parent and teacher vehicles. First we will visit Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery and then go to Rancho Tonto Catch-a-Trout. Students can catch rainbow trout in the pond. A basic pole and bait will be provided.

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Maryland / Gettysburg / Washington D.C. Trip 2022

We are in the process of planning out all the details of our Maryland, Gettysburg, and Washington D.C. Trip. When we get to D.C., we will be renting a beautiful home that is either 6000 or 8000 square feet. Everyone will need to bring their own flashlight for the most epic games of Flashlight Tag hosted by Billy. NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change as we finalize all the details.

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Yui Our Japanese Exchange Student

A nice article about Yui, our exchange student from Japan, has hit our town’s newspaper. It was great to host Yui in our home and in our family. He enjoyed attending The Inspiration Academy here in Fountain Hills. We plan to connect his classroom in Japan into ours here in town so the students can further interact with each other across borders.

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