TIA Touring the Arizona Culinary Institute

To kick off The Inspiration Academy’s Culinary Arts Module training this school year, TIA students have been touring the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale to learn about culinary arts schooling opportunities they may wish to pursue. In the coming weeks, TIA students will begin their own cooking classes with Debbie J. Elder, founder of Culinary Curator. TIA’s Culinary Arts Module allows students to learn the basics of food preparation and explore the art and science of cooking and baking. It includes healthy meal planning and artistic presentation. In preparation for these cooking classes, all TIA staff and students study, test, and earn their full Food Handlers Certification Cards. TIA students this year will be cooking, serving, and running a number of events as part of their training during September, October, and November.

TIA Touring the Arizona Culinary Institute

Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslen
The Advanced Art of Baking & Pastry by R. Andrew Chlebana

This month students of The Inspiration Academy have been touring the Arizona Culinary Institute behind the scenes (back of the house). Our students got to see first hand how culinary students are trained at a professional level. A number of TIA students have expressed a growing interested in pursuing a possible career in the culinary arts.

During their tour, TIA students got to meet, speak with, and ask questions of each of the ACI chef instructors. TIA students were shown the inner workings of the various specialty kitchen classrooms that all students are trained in at the ACI.

These specialty kitchens within the institute are:

  • Pastries and Showpieces
  • Saucier and Meat Fabrication
  • Basic Culinary Kitchen
  • DuJour Kitchen (which servers their student run restaurant)

After their tour of the “back of the house”, TIA students enjoyed being served a three-course meal and amazing deserts all prepared and served by the students of the Arizona Culinary Institute in their DeJour restaurant. “DeJour” means “of the week” in English. Each week ACI students must prepare different foods set by their chef instructors to be served to the public.

Culinary Events at TIA Run by Our Students

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