TIA Students Love Learning Math!

The students at The Inspiration Academy love learning about math! The younger students are learning how to make ten, skip count, add, subtract, decompose numbers, create number bonds, tell time, and more. The older students are reviewing multi-digit multiplication, long division, prime and composite numbers, prime factorization, exponents, square roots, expanded notation, the basics of algebra, and lots of mental math challenges. They have also been enjoying the math games of Witzzle Pro, Sudoku, Rummikub, Rush Hour, Blokus, and Guess the Number.

The younger students use math manipulatives to model their problems for concrete learning while the older students are able to do more complex, abstract problem-solving.

Once the students master a concept, they prove it by teaching other students.  This helps develop a deeper and longer-lasting understanding of the material and builds essential communication and social-emotional learning skills. It also strengthens relationships and boosts confidence and self-esteem. The students take the teaching responsibility seriously and do an excellent job.

We are excited to see how far the students are able to advance in math this year!

Lisa Ristuccia

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