TIA at the Flutter at the Fountain 2024

The Inspiration Academy would like to express its profound and heartfelt gratitude to Debbie J. Elder (Culinary Curator) and the Fountain Hills Community Foundation for their generous act of involving our students in the Flutter at the Fountain event. We are immensely proud of the culinary arts skills that our students have developed and honed over time, right here at our school. Their ability to put these skills into practice at community events such as these is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Our school believes in and encourages a hands-on approach, which is why community service forms an integral part of our curriculum. This is especially true for our Culinary Arts Community Module program, a unique offering at our private school located in the beautiful town of Fountain Hills. This program not only equips our students with culinary skills but also instills in them the spirit of community service, enabling them to contribute to society while also honing their culinary talents.

Lisa Ristuccia

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