Science on Wheels Visits TIA

Recently, The Inspiration Academy hosted a special event called Science on Wheels, a STEM program by the Arizona Science Center. This is an innovative and mobile education program, that was generously sponsored by AOA (Academic Opportunity of Arizona), one of our STO partners. The program holds a significant purpose; it seeks to actively engage students from all age groups in the diverse and intriguing world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, often abbreviated as STEM. The ultimate goal of this program is to inspire and ignite a lifelong passion for science among the students, encouraging them to explore and understand the world around them from a scientific perspective.

The comprehensive nature of this program stands out, as it is highly interactive, providing students with hands-on experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. The content offered by Science on Wheels is thoughtfully curated and is grade-specific, ensuring that it is accessible and beneficial to every student, regardless of their grade level. This is in line with the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, which it aligns with perfectly. Such alignment ensures that the content provided not only expands the students’ knowledge but also prepares them for their future academic and career paths in the STEM fields. Science on Wheels will be an on-going repeat event hosted at our school and offered to both our in-person students and our homeschooling partners.

Education Plans

The Inspiration Academy now offers three Education Plans (EPs) to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of our students and their families. Our educational plans include the following: In-Person PlanEnvision Plan, and our Homeschool Integration Plan.

Lisa Ristuccia

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